Quickly, accurately

We specialise in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English. And we apply the same stringent quality standards to all 60+ languages which we give you access to, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and African. See our languages here.

Need to switch between languages? In today’s fast-paced world, you need equally fast-paced translation.
Done in the right context, in the right way, in the right country.
And as always, our professional translators have extensive background knowledge not only in their language, but also their subject specialism.

How does it all work?

To ensure full accuracy, each translator translates only into their mother tongue.

For English work, our translator team is based in the UK and, for non-English work, is dotted across the globe and we are linked via our 6 partner offices.

Most of us have customers, clients, tenants, employees, buyers or group companies who are non-British. Who don’t all speak English well.
So when you use their language, you tap into their emotions and make them feel comfortable, more trusting. Which makes them more likely to buy, want or safely use your service or product.

The language OF the customer is the language FOR the customer.

Of course, you yourself may be the customer, buyer, service provider or document user, so the document will be translated into your language.

business translation services

Some of our typical translation solutions are:

  • product range manuals, user instructions
  • witness statements, immigration papers, accident reports
  • certified stamp of accuracy accepted by government and legal bodies
  • medical reports and studies
  • tenancy correspondence
  • financial statements and declarations
  • websites, landing pages, corporate video scripts
  • birth / marriage / death certificates, wills and probate
  • patent research, property development
  • human resource manuals
  • …and everything in between

Translation FAQs

What languages do you offer?

Who does the translation?

One or more professional native-speaker translator per job, from a combined total of approximately 5000. Selected from our own panel or from any of our 6 partner agencies around the world. All our translators work in one or more subject specialisms, they are are all professionally qualified and vetted.

This means you will have a translation solution which best fits your needs.

How long does it take?

We always balance content with speed, which results in an average of about 2000 words a day of high calibre output, per translator. Meaning 10 A4 sides of regular-print A4 paper a day, or about 10,000 words a week.

For all languages.

It is regularly faster than 2000 words/day for general work.

For tight schedules and large projects, we manage teams of translators who liaise with one another and with our office to ensure consistency.

What quality control do you benefit from?

We are self-accredited via documented internal procedures to the international quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Among other quality controls, all translations are spot-checked or double-checked for accuracy.
To ensure consistency where it is needed, we use translation memory software for some industry sectors, eg finance, engineering, manufacturing. Not all sectors, though – for instance, for creative and media sectors which are more personalised, this is of less benefit.

How much does it cost?

For regular translation we charge by the 1000 words and pro-rata in between, based on a wordcount of the work done or an estimate of the work to do. We have different prices for different languages, and in total there are 4 charge bands covering the 60+ languages we do.

For shorter translation, however, we do have a minimum charge of a few tens of pounds for all languages – things such as landing pages, certificates and product labels. This minimum charge covers up to 400 words.

Therefore, how much it costs is quite variable and tends to be on a case-by-case basis.

Send your enquiry for translation via our Contact page so we can give you a fixed price.

Where is the translation done?

For maximum authenticity and accuracy, your translation is done in the country where the target language of your document is the home language. To allocate the various languages to the appropriate countries, we work with our 6 partner agencies dotted across the globe – based in Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Egypt.
Together we have more than 5000 native-speaker specialist translators to complete your work around the clock, making the most of the different time zones.

What subjects do you specialise in?

All business sectors are catered for, but in particular we specialise in automotive; corporate; law/financial/insurance; manufacturing/engineering; social housing; website localisation; human resource and telecommunications.

What languages do you specialise in?

German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese INTO English
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese FROM English.

Are your translators native speakers?

We only use native speakers – so they translate into their mother tongue, which ensures their output is the most accurate and most authentic. (Anybody who translates into English is an English native speaker. Anyone who translates into another language will be a native speaker in that language).

Do you have specialist commercial translators?

Do you translate websites, for example into Spanish?

And you specialise in German to English translation?

Do you translate for the manufacturing sector?

And accept finance and insurance work?

What about translation of Chinese?

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