Language Training

Flexibly, interactively

We specialise in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English as a Foreign Language (EFL). And we apply the same stringent quality standards to all 60+ languages which we give you access to, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and African. See our languages here.

In today’s high-tech world, communication skills are what sets people apart.
But in your line of business, do you also need this in a different language?

Think of it this way – most of us have customers, clients, tenants, employees, buyers or group companies who are non-British.
Who don’t all speak English well.

So via language training, when you tap into their emotions and use their language with them, you make them feel more comfortable.
Which means more likely to buy, want or safely use your service or product. Or simply talk more openly with you or your people.

How does it all work?

Short or long, beginners or high-level, groups or individuals.
Face-to-face or online by video webcam.
All our learning solutions are flexible in duration, at times to suit you, delivered naturally and interactively.
All of course include cultural etiquette. Which means how to get on better with the country’s people and local trends.

The language OF the customer is the language FOR the customer.

For companies aiming at specific skill levels, such as given by the European CEFR framework, British GCSEs or NVQs, we will train people to the ability required.
For instance, in a European language, reaching A1 (which is ‘survival’) level typically in 30 hours, or B1 (‘lower intermediate’, GCSE) in up to 70. Self-study must also be completed to achieve these results.

Similarly, our English (EFL) learning solutions are available for temporary or seconded professionals and families from other countries who need to integrate closely into UK life.

Even more motivational is the fact that language learning delays the onset of dementia by up to 6 years. See LinkedIn article for recent evidence and research here.

business language training services

Some typical learning solutions that we provide for you are:

  • understand simple meetings and asides
  • discuss your company-specific facts and concepts
  • sessions by Skype, Zoom or similar when contact is restricted
  • talk with colleague/s in multi-country workforces
  • use emails productively
  • make and take phone calls to/from colleagues
  • help foreigners or families integrate socially into the UK
  • agree or negotiate volumes and quantities
  • set up new distributors in-country
  • prepare for language qualifications
  • …and everything in between !

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