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Welcome to SEL Business Languages, the award-winning provider of translation services. We are dedicated to offering precise, professional translation services customised to fit the unique needs of your business. Whether you need assistance with document translation or language support in subject areas such as corporate, legal, financial, manufacturing, medico-legal, engineering or website content, let us provide the solution.

Suitably qualified and certified, our team of translators has years of expertise in multiple sectors, meaning that our detailed knowledge of industry-specific terms enables accurate translation within the correct context.

First-Class Attention to Detail

Maintaining quality control throughout the translation process is crucial to ensure the finished product is precise and consistent. To this end, we are self-accredited to the quality standard ISO9001:2015 and our team of experts incorporates robust control measures including translating into the mother tongue only, meticulous proofreading and post-editing to produce accurate final copy.

Translation is a complex and time-consuming endeavour. It is imperative we have regular communication with our clients to resolve any issues that may arise – that way we ensure that translated output aligns with your expectations.  Which all means that, by relying on SEL Business Languages translation services in Wigan for your translation needs, you can save valuable time and resources that can be allocated to critical business activities. Our proficient translators have the necessary knowledge and specific software to manage your translation demands efficiently and accurately, allowing you to focus on your business.

Expert Interpreters in Wigan

There are various formats by which we provide our interpreting services. These services are essential for individuals, professionals, or public sector officials who need to communicate with people speaking different languages. Our interpreters are selected based on their experience and qualifications specific to their assignments, for instance we regularly cover court hearings, seminars, city tours, even the signing of a new sports person to your team! Simultaneous interpreting is suitable for large, formal events due to its fast-paced nature and consecutive interpreting is best suited to smaller, more person-specific settings as it is more relaxed. Additionally, we offer telephone interpreting. For example, during a conference call with a customer and their client who need to build trust with and understand each other, the customer representative poses a question. Our interpreter translates that question into the other language. The individual responds and waits for our interpreter to relay the reply. This continues back and forth until the conversation reaches its conclusion.

Building a Professional Relationship

SEL Business Languages in Wigan is dedicated to building a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. This can bring numerous benefits to your business. Our specialist team of translators and interpreters take the time to understand your business, industry, and specific requirements which therefore results in accurate and efficient translations, for example medical reports, marriage certificates or in-depth witness statements. By fostering a long-term partnership, we encourage smooth collaboration and maintain the consistency of your translated content.

Attain the trust of your customers and clients: don’t allow language barriers to impede your communication and achievements. Contact SEL Business Languages for all your translation needs and achieve maximum benefit from our industry-leading professionals.

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