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Welcome to SEL Business Languages, the award-winning provider of translation services. Our solution is to provide accurate and professional translation services tailored to your unique business needs. Our translators are ready to help, whether document translation or language support in various fields such as corporate, legal, medical, financial, manufacturing, engineering or tenancy matters.
Not only suitably qualified and certified, but also with precise expertise in various sectors: our translators’ detailed knowledge of industry-specific terms enables accurate translation within the correct context.

Precision and Consistency

It is of utmost importance to maintain consistent communication with our clients in order to resolve any specific source-language queries and ensure that the final result meets your expectations. To this end, we are self-accredited to the quality standard ISO9001:2015 and our translation services feature robust control measures including translating into the mother tongue only, meticulous proofreading and post-editing to produce accurate final copy.

Translation can be a challenging and lengthy undertaking. However, by entrusting your translation needs to SEL Business Languages translation services in Chorley, you can save precious time and resources that can be devoted to essential business tasks. Our skilled translators have the necessary knowledge and specific software to handle all of your translation requirements, enabling you to devote your attention to running your business or your daily routine.

Expert Interpreters in Chorley

There are various services we offer our clients. These services are required by individuals, professionals or public sector officers who need to communicate with individuals who speak different languages. We provide a variety of interpreting formats including simultaneous interpreting, which is best suited to large, formal occasions due to its fast-paced nature. On the other hand, consecutive interpreting is more appropriate for court hearings and smaller, more person-specific settings. We also supply Whatsapp video and telephone interpreting. Similarly, we provide tour guide interpreting. Here the speaker talks into a microphone in short blocks of speech and our interpreter translates into delegates’ infra-red headsets via headset/microphone connected to the mobile tour guide transmitter unit.

Building a Professional Relationship

At SEL Business Languages in Chorley, our objective is to develop a robust and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. This means that we unlock numerous benefits for your business or for you as an individual. Our team of committed translators and interpreters not only acquire a comprehensive understanding of your company or the information you need in your own world, but also become fully immersedin it, for example medical reports, marriage certificates or in-depth witness statements. This is how we provide tailored language solutions that cater for your unique needs.

Our ability to seamlessly integrate allows us to provide translations that are both efficient and precise. By cultivating long-term partnerships, we guarantee mutually beneficial collaboration and consistent delivery, supported by our assistance software such as MemoQ or Trados.

Attain the trust of your customers and clients: overcome language barriers and enhance your communication and success. Contact SEL Business Languages for all your translation needs and experience maximum benefit from working with our industry experts.

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