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Welcome to SEL Business Languages, the award-winning provider of translation services. Our commitment is to provide accurate and professional translation services tailored to your unique business needs. If you require document translation or language assistance or various matters such as medico-legal assessments, reports, company-product seminars, engineering or tenancy documents, our team of translators and interpreters will provide the solution.

Our team consists of certified, highly skilled translators with precise expertise in various commercial specialisms. Which means that they have a deep understanding of industry-specific terminology, enabling them to accurately translate within the correct context.

High Attention to Detail

Maintaining a high standard of quality control is of utmost importance when it comes to the translation process. We are self-accredited to the quality standard ISO9001:2015 and our language translation services feature a comprehensive set of control measures including translating into the mother tongue only, meticulous proofreading and post-editing to produce accurate final copy.

Translation can be a challenging and lengthy undertaking. However, by entrusting your translation needs to SEL Business Languages translation services in Bolton, you can save precious time and resources that can be devoted to essential business tasks. Our skilled translators have the necessary knowledge and specific software to handle your translation requirements with efficiency and precision, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business ventures.

Expert Interpreters in Bolton

Did you know we offer different types of interpreting services? These services are required by individuals, professionals or public sector officers in order to communicate with speakers of other languages. Here’s a sample of our different formats available. Simultaneous interpreting is fast-paced and best suited to large, formal events while consecutive interpreting is better for court hearings and more person-specific settings. We also supply Whatsapp video and telephone interpreting. For example, during a conference call with a customer and their client who need to build trust with and understand each other, the customer representative poses a question. Our interpreter translates that question into the other language. The individual responds and waits for our interpreter to relay the reply. This continues back and forth until the conversation reaches its conclusion.

Building a Professional Relationship

At SEL Business Languages in Bolton, we like to build a fantastic working relationship with our clients. This can yield numerous benefits to your business. Our translators and interpreters become familiar with your business, sector and specific requirements, which allows for more efficient and accurate translations. By cultivating a lasting partnership, this facilitates enhanced co-operation and guarantees the continuity of your translated material, supported by our assistance software such as MemoQ or Trados.

Attain the trust of your customers and clients: do not allow language obstacles to impede your communications. Contact SEL Business Languages to fulfil all your translation requirements and benefit from the distinction that results from collaborating with our finest professionals in the field.

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