Industrial claim interpreting


Industrial claim interpreting

Setting the scene

The situation concerned action being pursued in court by a claimant against a third party.

It related to a warehouse injury which the claimant suffered in the course of their work while loading a lorry with a forklift truck. They had been off work for several months due to the injury.

This occurred in the UK and the driver was a UK-based non-English speaker.

The extent of the injury was known, undisputed and it constituted an industrial accident claim against the employer. All the reasons for the actions, reactions and sequence of events needed to be expressed by the claimant and understood by the court.

Languages involved

Polish and English.

Challenges faced

  • Understanding the spoken language of the driver (first party).
  • Transferring that target language into competent, well-paced, spoken English.
  • Court expertise in interpreting in both languages.
  • Accurate translation of medical report on the claimant’s condition caused by the incident.
  • Sourcing an interpreter close to the court.

The Solution

  • The customer arranged the trial date and location at a suitable court near to where the first party lived.
  • They contracted SEL Business Languages who have a national database of professionally qualified interpreters.
  • SEL Business Languages (SELBL) then provided a Polish-English court-qualified interpreter local to the premises who interpreted consecutively into and out of English.
  • This was supported by a prior written and attested medical translation, also from SELBL.
  • In this way the customer was able to work through their litigation process unhindered by language issues or counter-issues on the day.

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