Best Translation and Interpreting Services Provider 2024

Best Translation and Interpreting Services Provider 2024

Excellent news!

Just this month, the specialist UK business support and promotion company, SME News, has presented SEL Business Languages (SELBL) with the coveted award “Best Translation and Interpreting Services Provider 2024”.

And at the same time, awarded the company owner and director, Graeme McLeish, with “Best Language and Translation Services MD 2024”. Both for Manchester.

Key to the award was showing an ongoing commitment to innovation and demonstration of excellent customer service.

Under the significant heading of UK Enterprise Awards 2024 all supporting evidence was submitted earlier in year to be judged and assessed for suitability.

Among others, several factors were involved such as

  • making a positive impact through the MD’s role
  • implementing positive changes to the business during previous year
  • how the company stands out from the competition.

For instance, under the first of those 3 factors, as a business SELBL always go back to their regular language freelances with further work as far as possible so it creates loyalty and reliability both ways – meaning the company can depend on the freelances and the freelances can depend on the company.

This assures reliability.

Then, under the second, in terms of innovative changes they now work far more through mobile software such as Whatsapp phone and video calls for interpreting. The medico-legal profession love this as it is encrypted at source and can’t be hacked.

Similarly, pedagogical acceptance has at last been achieved for Microsoft Teams video for distance language training. This is thanks to the everyday wifi or broadband network signals being more than adequate to ensure perfect lip synch when speaking on-screen.

Further, innovative change was also ensured by SELBL paying for SEO (search engine optimisation) instead of humans to convert web leads to enquiries.

And lastly, how does SELBL stand out from the competition? That was adjudged to have been due to having linguists with seasoned, real experience who answer the enquiries and undertake the services; and by returning to the same linguists to deliver the services again and again as far as possible, especially when paying them well. Which means NOT devaluing their ability or experience by underpayment.